Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mothers on National Radio

by Lori Fickus

At 10:00 this morning, I was up on the UAF campus to attend Science Friday, a nationally broadcast radio show on NPR. The host is the thrilling and brilliant Ira Flatow, and he lead today's conversations right where they needed to go. There were four ice/snow scientists on panel for the first hour, and three panelists the second hour who spoke on public health related issues. I had the priviledge to ask a question to the panel, and I chose to speak about Mothers for Alaska.

Here's my attempt at paraphrasing myself, "I'm with a group, Mothers for Alaska, and we are a group of mothers and grandmothers concerned about climate change, mostly from villages in the Arctic of Alaska. We formed our grassroots group specifically to testify before our legislators, and to get out the word we must talk to our representatives. These mothers tell of the impacts of berries boiling in the pods, their coolers in the permafrost, to keep food safe, are melting, and their salmon show up with diseases. My question is this, is there any organized effort to send public health education to the villages regarding climate change?

The response, in short, was no.

Please visit for more information or to listen to the podcast.

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