Wednesday, May 2, 2007

House Bill 152 Renewable Energy Fund

The renewable energy fund bill HB 152 <> passed the House unanimously on April 19th.

The next step is the Senate.

Urge your senator to support this bill and let them know you want it to pass by the end of this session. Find your senator's name and contact information here

**TAKE ACTION! /**Now is the time for you to write /*Letters to the Editor*/ and to encourage your own Senator to keep this important priority bill moving this year!

Check out Senator Ellis and Representative Thomas’ excellent Compass piece in last week's ADN, compass piece <>.
submitted by Becky Baird, Northern Alaska Environmental Center

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David said...

I am applying for graduate program in renewable energy systems and policy in Iceland at the school for renewable energy school.

I've been searching the net for scholarships, however this is such an emerging field of study there seems to be little.

I followed this bill for the last year and am encouraged to see some progress however as it's being implemented I have to wonder will there be any employment opportunities for someone with a professional degree in Alaska. Or will the brain drain claim another sons of Alaska ?

The Energy Authority has chosen or been instructed to priorities renewable energy sources by population while the rural development department has a 125% above the national average for qualifying for rural energy. Until this bill passes the only rural energy program they had until 2008 was loans for fuel and bulk fuel tanks.