Saturday, April 21, 2007

Anchorage Testimony by Mothers for Alaska

testimony by: Rita Buck Alaska Climate Impact Assessment Hearings

Climate Change issues

Rita Buck, mother, grandmother, subsistence user
White Mountain, Alaska

Winter/snow comes later—Dec or Jan.
River freezes in November—used to freeze first week of Oct.
Perma frost is melting---easier to dig holes in the summer—we dug a new outhouse pit at
camp and there was no ice in July like there normally used to be
Fish come in June, used to come in July after 4th of July
Salmon berries ripe earlier now in July—used to pick in August, last summer the salmon
Berries cooked in their “pods”
Blue berries too
The river is getting lower and changing course. With the perma frost melting the river
Banks are eroding.

Our river is showing more red-salmon….never used to see any.
Seeing more fog in the fall and spring
Seeing different birds and bugs

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